Installing Your Icemaker Like a Pro

Plumbing is not only limited to kitchen sinks and bathroom tubs, but it also extends all the way to your dishwasher and icemaker.


For the latter, this comes mostly with your refrigerator. While you only need to move the right distance that your refrigerator, installing the icemaker can be quite tricky and also it becomes an added expense. You only need to add an icemaker in your household if it is really necessary. Old refrigerators can be installed with an icemaker, but you will need to tap the cold water supply line to the device in order to give it a source to create ice itself. But doing the installation itself is not entirely difficult, as long as you pay careful attention to its copper tubing. If you create any kinks with it, do not fix the copper tubing. Instead you will need to cut it off or get a new piece to work with. To make the taste of your ice fresher, install a filter for water and run it through the icemaker line.

Step by Step Instructions

Drill a hole in the floor that will directly pass through a crawlspace or basement behind your refrigerator. If there is no crawlspace or basement, just drill a hole passing through another room. Get a copper tubing, unroll them and run it carefully into the hole you created. After this, install the saddle-tee valve onto the pipe used to run through cold water and then hook its copper line into it. To do so, slip the ferrule and then tighten up its compression nut. Leave enough length of the copper line so that it will allow you to slide a good open space when cleaning your refrigerator. You do not want to cut up the copper line because it was too short. Connect the tubing’s other end to the connection of the icemaker to your refrigerator, with the use of the same ferrule and compression nut combination.

When you clean your refrigerator or need some plumbing repairs on your icemaker, you will need to move your refrigerator. Doing this regularly will leave strains on the compression fitting. To avoid this, use one of the refrigerator’s brackets, which is always provided by the manufacturer, or use the one from the icemaker kit in order to bind the fridge to the copper tube. Bend the copper tubing carefully, turning it into a loop or coil.

Other Notes

Before you start your plumbing project, you need to know that it will take at least one to two hours to complete the installation, depending how fast you are. The tools you are going to need are a drill that has a long drill bit, tubing bender, adjustable wrench and a screwdriver. The skills you need are creating simple connections, running and cutting copper tubing and drilling holes. Find a place where the icemaker has easy to access cold water pipe as a source. Materials that you will need in the installation are copper tubing and saddle-tee valve. You can also use a stop valve as an alternative to saddle-tee valve.

An Orange County Sewer Repair Pro Compares Math and Plumbing

This article was is a guest contribution from – An Orange County Sewer Repair Expert


Truly, Math is everywhere, even in plumbing, variety of symbols and calculations are required in order to crate accuracy. All mathematical formulas are being applied for the purpose of measurement and costing. Symbols serve as an indicator for plumbing materials. Equations are also used to illustrate situational issues. Making the contractors communicate with their fellows with accuracy. Distance is measured through  a linear method, using measuring tapes or rulers. Surfaces of the area needing a repair or cover may be measure through the unit of square meters. Cubic measurement is the one used to measure volumes of liquid. This may sound complicated but it really has to offer with best plumbing results.


What  other mathematical terms may be applied to Plumbing?

Angle measurement is a crucial form of mathematical procedure to any plumbing works. A protractor is being used for an angle measurement. Every surface has an angle for a worker to strictly follow and consider. Conversion is also one of the mathematical tool being used in plumbing works, Not all the time you have the exact device to measure, so it is important to familiarize conversion processes. Converting centimeters to inches, foot to meters, etc. If a college student is answering his math exam with all accuracy to gain high grades, it is same with the plumber’s job, he has to ensure every measurement for a perfect result.


Do you have to be a mathematician to be a plumber?


No! you don’t have to be a math geek if you want to work as a plumber, experience teaches best. Everything will fall perfectly if done with experience and patience. All it takes is to get yourself familiar with everything discussed above. Basic knowledge must not be underestimated. In addition, you must understand your work fully. Do your best and expecting the worst. Advance thinking of any possible result of every step you are taking is a best principle you can always apply. Plumbing is a complex job needing of complex ideas and skills. Self studying is always an option to learn extra from what is being taught in trainings.

Everything you do in life involves mathematics just like making a box, infrastructure and etc. There are things that you would never forget and leave behind like mathematics, because you will need it in the future especially when it comes to work or business. Everyone is required to use mathematics because it is essential in both life and business, this is why being a plumber doesn’t make you an exception in math.

If you want to be a plumber, you need to know how to analyze, learn the basics of plumbing and use graphing materials to make it all work. Learning does not just stop in your grade school nor college years, it is for lifetime and as long as you live, you will not stop learning things from one people to another. The more experience you get for being a plumber, the more you get used to analyzing and get all the work done with a piece of cake.

Plumbing Problems and Fixes


If you own a house or an apartment, at one time or another, you are bound to experience plumbing problems. That is why as a home owner or renter, you need to be prepared for minor plumbing emergencies by purchasing basic plumbing tools and having the knowledge on how to fix them. These emergencies may include any thing and every thing from a clogged toilet (eewwww!) or slow drains. If you are quite a handy man (or handy woman at that), you can learn to fix do small repairs like changing the drain cover or perhaps replacing a defective washer but do not and I repeat do not ever be too arrogant to handle big plumbing repair jobs. Give this to the professionals because if you do it on your own, you might give a quick fix which may lead to a bigger problem later.

Here are some minor plumbing problems and their respective fixes:

Clogging drains. Also called slow drains, this is when the water that gets into your sinks, bath tub, shower or toilet, won’t get out. Before doing anything, you might want to check out first if there are objects or debris that is causing the water to drain slowly. If there are, you can slowly take these debris out using pliers or tweezers or even tongs. If you do not see any object blocking the drain pipe, use a plunger as a quick fix. How do plungers work, you may ask? Well, they use air pressure to dislodge a clog but there are times that they do not work a hundred percent. When this happens, you may also consider using commercial drain cleaners or clog removers. But be careful not to use this too often because the chemicals in these products tend to destroy pipes. If clogs happen too regularly or too often, swallow your pride and call your plumber.

Pipe leaks. There’s nothing more draining than a leaking pipe (pun intended). This usually happens under the sink but at time also happens in bathroom pipes. For pipe leaks, always schedule an appointment with a pro to have this permanently fixed but if they are not yet available, you can temporarily stop the leak by using leak tapes, rubber sheets or compression clamps. If you think you can handle it, you can also use commercial joint fillers or fitting compounds to temporarily address the leaking pipes.

Runny toilets. It’s not only noses that go runny, running toilets occur when the flapper valve that lets water pass from the tank to the bowl no longer fits properly. If you want to impress your partner by fixing this yourself, you can purchase toilet repair kits in your nearest hardware store and search in Youtube for tutorials. At times, you might be surprised of unnaturally high water bills. If your water usage has been the same, this can be an indicator of a silent leak in your toilet. Don’t try to impress your partner when this happens. Just call a plumber.

Rescuing Wet Carpets


Once your carpet flooring cover gets splashed, you wish to act fast. The length of drawn out it stays wet, a lot of probability to increase, stain or get mildew lined. In the event that a considerable region is wet, complete substitution could also be the most effective selection. But within the event that simply a corner or a trifle area is drenched, you’ll spare the ground covering with some hours of work.





Remove the soaked cushion

To start with, attend the corner nearest the wet zone, get the ground covering with extractor and draw the carpet off the tack strip. Keep pulling the floor cover off the tack strip by hand till you’ll overlap back the entire wet phase. Run an electric fan or 2 to dry the ground covering.


Wet carpet cushion is compared to a large wipe, you wish to eliminate it ASAP. Cut round the wet region wit utility blade. Build straight cuts thus you have got straight creases after you fix within the new cushion. On the off probability that the cushion is stuck to a cement floor, scratch it up with a floor scrubber. With in the event that the cushion is fastened to a wood subfloor, merely draw up lumps of cushion and pry or haul out the staples on the off probability that you just have a handful of it . For faster evacuation on an even bigger territory, utilize a floor scrubber. Have junk sacks used to counteract trickles on the covering. Wet cushion is substantial. Do not fill the sacks thus full that you just cannot pull them out without destroying your back!

Wipe up any water on the ground, then tumble the wet cowl into the correct spot. Drying it level and helps the floor carpet hold its form. Run fans till the ground and floor cover are completely dry. This will take many days.

Fix within the new cushion

Measure the region of cushion you have to restore and take a little of the recent cushion to a ground surface store or home center to get comparative substitution pad. The shade does not build a distinction, however the new cushion should be an equivalent thickness and compactness as the recent cushion.

Secure the cushion to a cement floor with carpet cushion glue and passage tape the creases along . On a wood subfloor, everything you wish is a staple weapon and 5/16-in. staples. Utilize utility blade to trim off any cushion covering the tack strip.

Reattach the floor cover

As you refasten the floor cover to the tack strip, you have got to increase it at the divider. just in case you are managing a corner or a trifle area, you’ll utilize a knee jolt alone. Starting toward one aspect of the detached floor cover, set the leader of the kicker around a pair of in. from the tack strip and poke the floor cover tight against the divider. Shove the carpet into the tack strip with a hardened putty blade. Likewise tuck the sting of the floor cover into the area between the divider and also the tack strip with a putty blade. Proceed with the wall, moving the jolt over around a handful of inches each time.

In case you are managing an even bigger variation of floor cover or if the carpet has been deformed, percolated or wrinkled within the wake of obtaining wet, you’ll need to lease a force stretcher to restretch the floor cover.